Save time and money

With a system that centralizes all management aspects of your sport event, you will spend less time and less money.

Streamlined management

Participant registration and management integrated to your existing platform. Every step of the process managed from one easy to use application.

Dashboard Data

All your data in one easy-to-use platform. Collect, store, organize and edit all of your participants’ details, documents and payments.

Fully Customizable

Create one or many events using your existing assets. Choose only the features that suit you and offer your participants a better and more efficient experience.



Managing your sports events with many custom components

Creating and managing your sports events will have never been easier.

Easy event creation wizard

The easy event creation wizard will allow you to define your own parameters and processes. Pick and choose from a wide range of functionalities and features that will specifically suit your needs. From one simple template you can also create many events with each their own individual specificities.

Customizable subscription process

You define the subscription process and we make it happen. Pick and choose the functionalities that suit your needs. Simple online registration, VIP selection promotional codes, options of waivers, documents and payments, there is no limit.

Simple management of multiple events

A simple template allows you to create and manage multiple events, each with their own specifications. A facilitated participant management system requiring mimum input on your end.

Full participant management

Collect, select, organize and edit participant information all in one place. Managing your participants and teams with one simple system will allow you to organize and deliver an outstanding event and incredible experience for your participants. Manage individual and group registrations, withdrawals, waitlists and check-ins. Set up coupon, discount and VIP codes. Allow personalized accounts for your participants to create personal profiles and track their payments and other data.


Promote and manage your events in almost as many languages as you want.

Real-time reporting and stats

Monitor and track activity on your site in real time, right as it happens. For example, you can see how many people visit your website, which pages they are on and which events they register to.

Custom forms

Create unique registration forms with unlimited questions for all your events, allowing your participants to register and login without ever having to leave your main site. There can also be as many forms as you wish to complete the registration process.

Custom waivers and documents

No more stacks of paper! When you need your participants to sign waivers, contracts, agreements or provide any other document, you can custom create them for your participants to read, legally sign and submit online.

Automated emails

Automatically send information and confirmations to your participants in an efficient way.

Flexible pricing options

Pricing structured according to your specific needs.

Personalized photo and video galleries

Publish public and private photo and video galleries. Pictures can be made accessible only to the individual participants through their personal profile or to a certain group or simply be public for all. Create multiple galleries all on one webpage. Automatically sort your pictures by type and where you want to publish them.

Waiting lists

Manage your registration overflow with efficient and automatic waiting lists.

Promotions (VIP, discount)

Offer personalized VIP and special discounts, all managed directly from your website.

Promotional site

Promote your event with an attractive and efficient website.

Secure payment processing

Now you can accept payments from anyone, anywhere. Accept and receive direct credit card payments straight from your website with a trusted, secure and bank-neutral feature.

Fully responsive

PC, Mobile, Tablet


There’s more we can do for you!


Easily promote your event

Reach out to even more players! Get new fans! Be more visible online with attractive and targeted campaigns.

Custom development (module)

Be heard! We will adapt to your needs. Special requests or additional functionalities will be addressed quickly.

Full marketing campaign support

Make the most of our expertise to help you design, print, and promote your events through adapted marketing campaigns. Benefit from our full support every step of the way.

Custom development (module)

Be heard! We will adapt to your needs. Special requests or additional functionalities will be addressed quickly.




(4 easy steps)

Create your event

Input all the details of your event; dates, times, places, number and ages of participants, etc. There is no limit to the amount of data and preferences you can specify.

Step 1

Choose your ideal subscription process

Select and define how your participants can register. Will they need a VIP code? Can anyone register? Are participants automatically registered or will you select them from all the requests? Personalize the registration process to fit your vision.

Step 2

Promote your event

Reach out. Through online or traditional methods, you can promote your events by directly targeting your audience or advertise at large with wide-range promotion campaigns.

Step 3

Sit back and watch participants sign up in real-time

Collect the data in real time as participants register. Watch the process unfold without any intervention on your end. Registration, payment, confirmation and reminder emails will all automatically flow according to the registration process you have developed.

Step 4



Our Team

Strong from years of experience in the fields of events, project management, digital solutions, and sports promotions and events, the members of our team came together to offer a simpler and fully customizable sports management system. Simply Sport was created to give sports clubs, associations and organizers all the tools to efficiently create, promote, and manage their events by streamlining the process.

François Lachance

Engineer by training and avid skier from a young age, Francois has been in the marketing field now for over 15 years. With strong entrepreneurial and organizational skills, he has been a key player in the creation, development and management of nationwide sporting events with clients such as Reebok-CCM, Lassonde and RSEQ.

Alex Langlois

Before becoming a digital expert, Alex climbed to the summits of the Aconcagua and very famous Kilimanjaro mountains. A strategic planner and CEO, Alex devotes his life to his passion: digital technologies. Having completed more than 2,000 projects to date, he’s developed an expertise in digital experiences such as websites, mobile apps, e-commerce and content marketing.

Dominic Gignac

Entrepreneur at heart with over 17 years of experience building startups, mobile & web development, cloud services & products, social media, business & digital strategy. High impact and efficient Web and Mobile based solutions. Continuously leverage new and exciting technologies, social media and efficient rapid-development methodologies.

Damien Khalizoff

Damien is a young and talented back-end web developer. He is serious and hard-working, with a sharp mind. He can quickly conceptualize complex problems and is always ready to take on the next challenge. When he’s not behind a computer screen, Damien can be found swimming, running, Spartan racing, climbing…and the list goes on!

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